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Games and Rules


Jumping, flying, splashing...oh my!  If your dog loves the water, this dock diving game is for you.  


The object of the game is, of course, distance!  There are 4 skill divisions, Freshman, Open, Pro and Master. Each dog and handler team will be given two turns on the dock to get the longest possible jump they can. We will record each jump and take the best of your two jumps as your score. The top three dogs in each division will be awarded rosette ribbons and the top five dogs in all divisions including the Freshman Division will move on to the Final Jump Off at the end of the day.


For all of the gritty details, see the Rules below.

Grab It

Like we always say, "it's all about the throw", and now's your chance to prove you've got what it takes.


Grab-It is a game about accuracy.  There are 2 skill divisions: Open and Pro.  Each dog and handler team will be given two turns on the dock. The object of the game is to catch the toy above the plane of the water.  If a catch is made, we will record that distance as the point at which the base of the dog’s tail breaks the water’s surface .  If no catch is made, we will record your distance as zero.  After both turns have been taken, we will add your two jump distances together for your score and add a 10 point bonus if both jumps result in a catch. So, do you risk it and go for a long jump with a difficult catch?  Or do you play it safe so your dog can Grab-It!


For all of the gritty details, see the Rules below.  

Air Retrieve

Air Retrieve is a game where the bumper is suspended 2 feet above the dock, and starts at at any point past the minimum distance requested by the handler. In each round, the bumper is moved out in 1foot increments. The longest successful grab (or knocking the bumper into the water) distance determines the Qualifying score.

In Air Retrieve, each dog gets two attempts at a distance to grab the bumper, after a successful grab the dog moves on to the next Round. A handler must determine their choice of starting distance before the Air Retrieve begins, or may begin in the first Round at 6 feet (4 feet for Lap Dogs). A dog with 3 misses overall or 2 misses at the same distance is eliminated for the competition.

Junior Handler

The Junior Handler Division is open to all handlers between the ages of 7 to 12.  It is open on an optional basis, and handlers may choose to compete in the adult division if they wish.

The Junior Handler Divison has all of the same rules and distance categories as the adult divisions, but allows youngsters to compete against their peers.

Official Rules

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