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Our Story

Pier Pups is a unique Dock Diving venue that caters from novice jumpers all the way to pro jumpers, with an emphasis on the "family dog".  We founded Pier Pups in 2007 as one of the many canine sporting events offered at our yearly Wisconsin K9 Sport Show.  We wanted a venue that was all about having pressure.  


We started with a 32' pool and some rented scaffolding for a dock, and offered Pier Pups to our K9 Sport Show attendees for the first time in 2007.  It was a hit!  Each year we have improved and upgraded our equipment as we learned and grew.   Organizers of other fairs and expos started asking us if Pier Pups would travel to their events so they could offer a unique experience to their customers.  We have traveled from Minnesota to Chicago to Michigan and of course, all over Wisconsin.


Soon we were approached by the Wisconsin State Fair to run the Wisconsin State Fair dock jumping competion and shows, and we have been a staple at the Fair ever since.


In 2016 we upgraded with a brand new set-up!  A new 40' x 16' pool and new 40' x 8' dock.  Even with these exciting new changes, Pier Pups will never lose sight of our goal to provide a family-friendly, competitive dock diving event with an emphasis on FUN!  


The Pier Pups staff is patient and experienced with novice dogs and will take the time to make sure each dog is comfortable with the pool and the dock.  We have 4 skill divisions to ensure that each dog is competing with dogs with similar experience.  These divisons also help small dogs compete on a more level playing field.

In 2018, Pier Pups teamed up with North America Diving Dogs (NADD).  NADD is the only dock diving organization whose titles are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).  NADD members can earn titles and invitations to the Championship held in Orlando, Flordia each year.


As we continue to grow, Pier Pups welcomes ideas and suggestions from our jumpers.



Bleachers or spectator area

Pool 40' x 16'

20,000 Gallons

Dock 8' x 40'

RV - registration 

10' x 36'

Command Central

10' x 10' Tents

Staging Area

Competitors Only



Interested in booking an event?  A Pier Pups show is a great way to draw attention to your special event, fair or expo.  We have set up in front of veterinary clinics, pet stores, sporting goods and hunting supply stores, humane societies, pet expos, street markets, and fairs. We can also set up for indoor events as well.  


Our set-up is professional and eye-catching and draws attention from drive-by traffic.  We will also work with you to market your event by promoting it on our website, both our Facebook page and Facebook Group page, and email blasts.  In addition, at the event, we will recognize you and any sponsors you may have by hanging banners on the pool, promoting them over the PA, and giving competitors goody bags provided by you or your sponsors.


Here's what we provide:

  • The pool

  • The pier

  • Sound system with microphones

  • Digital video recording system

  • Four or more professional Pier Pups staff members

  • Rosette ribbons for winners

  • All registration is handled through our website, but we can offer day-of-show registration as well.


What we need:

  • A flat, level footprint of approximately 100' x 60'

  • Electricity

  • Water to fill the pool

  • An area to drain the pool

  • Your logo for promoting the event


We would love to talk with you about booking a date for your event.  Please feel free to contact us and we can further discuss the details.



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